4th Grade - Blue and Red Belt

4th graders - practice for your Blue and Red Belts over spring break!   Remember to use warm, gentle air and go slowly when practicing.

Click "READ MORE" to see the song! - Mrs. Binzak

BLUE Belt song - "Old Brass Wagon"

3rd Grade Recorder Songs

3rd grade - practice these recorder songs over Spring Break and come to school ready to earn your White Belt! You can choose any of the songs using E-G to earn your belt.

Click "READ MORE" to see the song! - Mrs. Binzak

Making a Difference

7th graders worked in pairs and small groups to research issuesregarding the destruction of tropical rain forests in Latin America.  The topics include:  How is rubber made?  What happens to rain forests lands once they are cleared? Which native groups are threatened by the destruction of the rain forests? What medicines are derived from plants of the rain forests?  They created powerpoints to explore their topics.  Enjoy!

A Journey Through Ancient India

The Sixth grade students are currently studying Ancient India.  Read their comments to find out what they have discovered.  Our first subjects are the physical geography of India and its people.  The second part will be about Religions of India.  Students will compare and contrast these religions to Catholism. Our last group of students will explore festivals of India, comparing their holidays and celebrations to those we celebrate.

3rd Grade Preposition Project

The Third Graders were asked to write 10 sentences using Prepositions.  They were then asked to use their netbooks to take pictures and insert those pictures into a power point presentation.

 A preposition connects a noun or pronoun to the rest of the sentence and usually indicates location.  Check out this website if you would like to learn more:

Time Line of Canadian History

7th grade has spent the last semester studying Canadian History.  They were asked to list events that they thought should be listed on a timeline.  Then they each listed 5 topics of interest to them.  Each student was then assigned a topic to research.  The are required to write a 3-5 paragraph essay on their topic and post it in order on this blog.  Each student must also have a minium of 3 pictures to share with their post. 

3rd Grade Animal Reports

The Third graders were asked to research an animal from a specific habitat.  They used the National Geographic for Kids website to collect information.  They then put their facts into a Powerpoint presentation. 

8th Grade Presentations

Each 8th grade student was asked to research an Enlightenment thinker.   Here are the slide shows they created.

Here is our first:  Montesquieu

7th Grade News Broadcasts

7th graders were broken into two groups and asked to pretend they were a news crew sent back in time.  They found themselves in the great migration of the first people to seattle the America's.  So, join us on the Beringa!

6th Grade Map Commercials

To cap off our unit on maps, the 6th graders wrote and recorded commericals about projections.  Enjoy!

More commericals to be added Tuesday!

Why are World Languages Important?

           World languages are important not only because it teaches you a language other than your first language, but it also teaches you about a new culture. Learning about a country's culture is interesting and important. First of all, if you visit that country or secondly, if it's just something you're interested in. Learning a new language is fun and opens new doors for you in your free time and for jobs in the future.

Seen Any Good Movies Lately?

     The 7th graders have learned the art of persuasion and have shown off what they have learned by writing movie reviews.  They will be posting them here on our classroom page.  Feel free to agree or disagree with their opinions, or just enjoy their interesting insights!!

Kolner dom Cologne

 Der kolner dom ist sehr gross. Ich finde dass der kolner dom ist sehr interessant!

6th Grade Earthquake Museum

Welcome to the IHM Earthquake Museum!


What are Fasching, Karneval, Fastnacht, Fasnacht

Kindergarten performs "The Mitten"

Check out Mrs. Hess' AWESOME kindergarten class performing a song inspired by the book "The Mitten"!


The coming era of aviation will include not only robotics, but aviation!  Ever wonder how Amazon plans to deliver those packages to your front door?  Here is a video of a camera attached to the type of drone that can be purchased now at the local hobby store.  The skills of building it and controlling it will be required for the "new" delivery jobs... SEE THE VIDEO


Robert Maynord's son, Michael is doing research in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Maryland.  One of the projects Michael is part of is the robotics program - specifically working with the robot Baxter.  Baxter is interesting because he learns on the job!  He is the world's first interactive production robot.  He can do all sorts of tasks, including packaging, unloading, and materials handling.  The best part - he is affordable, selling for just $25,000!

Rudyard Kipling Inspired Stories

     The seventh grade students were inspired by Rudyard Kipling's "Just So Stories" and decided to try their hands at their own versions.  Check out their fun and amusing stories below.  Rather than just keeping the stories in their portfolios, the students decided to "e-share"  them!!  Enjoy.


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