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Meine schule ist gross und interessant. Meine schule ist nicht gut, meine schule ist prima! Rudolf

Ich heiBe Silke. Ich bin dreizehn Jarhe alt. Ich lerne deutsch.heartdevilheartcheekyDanke Frau!!

Ich heiBe Sabine. Ich lerne Deutsch. Mein Liebblingsport ist volleyball. Ich bin dreizehn Jahre alt. Ich bin interessant und glucklich!!! DANKE FRAU!!!laugh

Ich heiBe Jennifer. Ist die lomonade gut am Montag? Ist der Tee gut ? Danke Frau!


ich heiBe Wolfgang, meine leiblingsport ist FuBball und Basketball. Ich bin dreizehn Jahre alt.  DANKE FRAU>>>>>>> 



In Germany, children can start kindergarten from ages 3 to 6. Children in germany go to school from about 8 oclock to one thirty. They have school year round. Going to school is necessary for nine to ten years. In grades one to four, children learn the same subjects at the same levels. After fourth grade, however, children split up according to their learning abilitiies and hopes of their gaurdians. Kids start learning English in middle school. Grades five through nine learn about the same things they will in high school. Kids taught with the German education tend to do well and learn quickly. This is how the German teaching system works.

German High schools are called gymnasiums. Classes are composed of 20-30 kids. The grade you are in depends on age and language ability. YOu will be placed in 9th, 10th, or 11th grade. Since you stay with your class during all of your studies, you form close relationships with your class. The classes available are similar to the ones offered here. Their school days begin at around 8 and end around 1:30. Since they have such short days, they have more days in a school year. Students stay in one room all day. The teachers switch from room to room and go to the students. Students gather in a cafeteria for lunch at around noon, which is similar to life in america.

Ich freue mich darauf, werde De
tsch Stadt zu Weihnachten einkaufen gehen.

I think it's going to be a vey interesting field trip. I would like to see things from other countries, especially from Germany. I think the food is going to be good since I have heard it is homemade. I will also think that the field trip will make me excited for Christmas again because I might see a lot of Christmas decorations. This will be an intriguing field trip. -Paul

how mene tens are at the christmas market?  I think it will be a lot of fun and to see all the differant  items

We will be going to the old world Christmas Market tommorow and i think it will be really fun and i hope we will get to get homemade german dishes.   

Tomorrow we are going to the Chirstmas market. They will have vendors selling lots of things such as food or crafts. I hope things aren't too expensive though! The market is world themed and you can buy things from around the world. The vendors can speak other languages and know a lot about other countries. We will be able to buy gifts for people in our families! -Miayes

I am so excited for the field trip tomorrow. I hope we get to eat some athentic German foods. If there is food to eat I will run them out of business, because I will eat all food. The driving will be very fun too.

Die Musik war sehr fremd! Der war kein Abenteuerfilm! Wir nicht sehen ein! Gab es Oper singen in der Musik. Der Russisch Liebesroman war es um die Liebe eines Bruder und Schwester. Die Zeischrift war uber vietnamesische Speisen. Gab es ein chinesisches essen add im Die Zeitung.


Great job auf dem Blog ! Ich freue mich auf das Lesen mehr ...

ich heiße silvia ich dreizehn jahre alt. ich bin intelligant, schon, intererassant. ich lerne deutch


Linsenmeyer 2012

Ich heiße Paul. Ich bin drei zenn jahre alt. Ich bin prima and Phantastisch. Ich lene Deutsch sehr gut.

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Frau Frau Frau

Ich hieBie Werner. Meine schule ist goot und klein. Meine libblingsport ist baseball und football. Frua ist gut und lustig. heartwink

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