German Day 2015


Das Park ist prima 


i really liked german day overall beacuse it was a fun experience. Deutsch Tag ich wirklich mochte Gesamt, denn es war eine lustige Erfahrung.

the contests were fun! die Wettbewerbe waren sehr lustig!

german day was good and coolbut hard. 1.thing we did was spelling.2.thing was pictionary.3.was we hear a girl sing a song in german.4. lunch .5.boling .6.back to school.


die fild typ war kuhl und spaB. 



Deutsch Tag war so viel Spaß . Wir rockten den Buchstabierwettbewerb und Montagsmaler . Auf Wiedersehen

German Day was awesome yesterday. I had fun competing against other middle schoolers yesterday.

I wish we could go again. Bowling was super fun also. I think Union South is very cool too.

Deutsch Tag hat Spaß gemacht , und ich bin dankbar für alle, die es auf . Auf Wiedersehen 

German Day at Union South was a very interesting experience. We arrived at the union and went into a big room where they told us a little about it and then dismissed us to our activities. The first activity we did was a German spelling bee type thing. We went into this room with a bunch of other kids who looked pretty eager to win, whereas we were more in it for the fun. So they start spelling and are getting them all right and we're basically like “Okay we are going to lose.” They got like 9/10 and then our first group was up and we kinda blew it, but it was funny to watch them and we laughed so that was good. Then after that we went and did pictionary and ate M&M's and then we got pizza! We even got to go bowling which was fun and I got the 2nd highest score :) Deutsch Tag hat Spaß gemacht! Wir haben Deutsch Süßigkeiten.

German Day was a very educational experience for the eighth grade. We participated in a spelling competition and a pictionary game. Katie was the drawer for our team and she did a great job drawing the pictures quickly. The spelling competetitors had a more challenging event, but they managed to get through. Everyone had a great time! We all had lunch together at Union South, and we also all had ice cream. After all of our competitions had been completed, we went bowling together as a class! Since we didn't use bumpers, it was a bit more challenging for some people. German Day was a great bonding experience for our class that gave us the opportunity to share our knowledge for German with other schools from all over the state!

German Day ist sehr kuhl! Est ist sehr lustig und spannened! Ich liebe German Day!



German day was a great field trip. We prepared oursleves for little competitions like spelling competitions or pictionary competitions. I thought the people who did the event were interesting. They did fun activities like dancing. We ate food from Union South which was fun and interesting of what they had. We played bowling which was fun for the whole class. I thought the ride to Union South and later back to school were fun because we ride in the chaperones cars with out friends. It was a fun memory with my 8th grade class. It was a great experience. 

Es ist Spaß. Ich gelehrt viel. Wettbewerbe ist prima. Es ist gut. Auf wiedersehen! - Paul

German Day was great!!! Going downtown to Union South was a fabulous experience that I was greatful to have before my last days at this school ended. I really liked the fact that I got to meet people that were really fluent speakers in German. It was great that I got to challenge and test my abillities to the max. It was really fun when we got to go to the basement to go bowling.


Ich finde, dass die Schule interessant und phantastisch ist

Der German Day war Prima.

Der Pictionary war schwer.

German day was fun. we had a spelling bee and a pictionary game. We had great food and ice cream at the UW. We played games and bowled.

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