Why are World Languages Important?

           World languages are important not only because it teaches you a language other than your first language, but it also teaches you about a new culture. Learning about a country's culture is interesting and important. First of all, if you visit that country or secondly, if it's just something you're interested in. Learning a new language is fun and opens new doors for you in your free time and for jobs in the future. Also, many world languages classes get to travel to the countries that they learn about. Or, if you go to the country on your own, you will be able to communicate with the people there. If you were in a different country that spoke a language you didn't know, you could make connections between the words and translate some of it so you could understand it. Also, many people have jobs that require traveling to different countries and if you already knew the language, you could get the job and successfully complete it. Overall, world languages are fun and important, and a part of your education that you will remember forever.

Ich finde dass, der Kartoffel rund und phantastisch ist!



world languages are important because once you learn one or more languages you can speak that language if you ever happen to go to that country. it is also cool to be able to be able to speak other languages.laugh

World languages are important because it gives you new experiences. Countries have many cultures that are great so traveling and learning a lot of them is an amazing experience. Learning different languages makes experiencing the countries even better. It's also useful for job purposes. Interviewing or talking to a person from a different country is very useful for business. Learning different languages is also good for your education. It helps you on memorization and have a clear mind. Ich finde dass, der park prima ist. - Henry

It is importat to learn world Languages because it makes you look smart. you get to communicate with some very interesting people in the world. if you now different languages you can travel the world knowing what people are saying. so i think its very important to learn the world of language.

Ich finde dass duestch prima ist.

Why are is it important to learn world languages? Well this question is very complex because there really isn't really one reason that can tell you why. In my opinion one reason is because without anything new life would be boring imagine waking up for the rest of your life and not kniwing how to communicate with other people.  A life without change isn't a life. What's the point of free will if we can't use it because we don't know how to speak a different language. We should all make the most of our lives and live it too the fullest and for that to work we need to know different things; interesting things. It can also help you throught your life for example it can help get a job and sometimes even get into college. Let's say you are going up against someone that got the same grades as you through highschool, but you know another language and they don't, they will most likely choose you over them. World language can go form helping you have fun to having a better job.

Ich finde, dass Fremdsprache prima ist!

It is very important to learn world languages because it enriched you not only educationally, but also exposes you to a different lifestyle and culture as well. I think another reason that its good to learn a foreign language is because it will help you in your future. As well as being able to take a more advanced class in high school, you can also have an advantage for getting a job. Between a guy who speaks only english and a man who speaks english AND a world language, who would you choose to hire? You can also communicate to people that you would not have been able to before. You can understand pieces of foreign language in books, or movies that not everyone in the theater can. And kiss subtitles goodbye! It's also fun! You will feel so much more intelligent and in the end you will come out ahead. If no one ever tried to learn a foreign language life would be so boring too, and cultures wouldnt be as fascinating. So take a foreign language and watch your life get better :) Ich finde dass das sprache ist sehr gut!

Different languages provide different forms of communication between different people. Many languages have words for things that other languages don't have. Learning new languages allows you to be able to speak to more and more people all over the world. Teaching kids more than one languages at a young age because they grow up speaking two languages at the same level. Learning new languages opens up a world of opportunities for people to be able to communicate with people who speak things other than your first language.


Ich finde dass Deutsch interesant ist!

I think world languages are imporntant beacuse if you want a job now days, you need to know a world language. It really makes you smarter all around and Frau does a good job teaching German to the students. Ich finde das sports ist!!

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